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WHo we serve: 

financial planning for individuals and families, las vegas nv, arista wealth management

Individuals & Families

       At Arista Wealth Management, we take great pride in working with individuals and families to help them accomplish their financial and investment goals. Once we establish your goals, visions and dreams, it is then time to begin the journey with one of our certified advisors. As we work together, with a plan, we are confident that we will reach the desired outcome.

financial planning for businesses, las vegas nv, arista wealth management

Businesses & Institutions

       Whether you are a business or an institutional investor, Arista Wealth Management wants to partner with you to provide exceptional investment management advice in a fiduciary capacity to help you reach your financial goals. We are proud to partner with all businesses and institutions to improve their financial investment capacities.

401k planning in las vegas nv, arista wealth management

401(k) Plans


       We serve as an ERISA §3(38) Investment Manager on over seventy-five 401(k), 403(b), and defined benefit plans. Our team has been advising on corporate sponsored retirement plans since 1999.  We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to plan sponsors and plan participants.

Why Choose Arista Wealth Management?

    Arista Wealth has assembled a highly competent team of individuals who work together to deliver to our clients an exceptional investment experience. We care very deeply about those that we serve and it shows in our attention to detail, our compassion for life’s trials, and our passion for helping our clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.

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Do you know know where everything is, 

and what it is worth?

    Arista Wealth Management sets you up with a personal financial website. It is updated daily to help you track your budgets spending, progress, goals, and bottom line. All of your data is available at any time, on any device. Using interactive technology, we can help you visualize "what if" scenarios to view impacts throughout your lifetime.

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On November 1, 2018, the IRS announced cost of living adjustments affecting the dollar limitations for pension plans an other retirement-related items for tax year 2019.

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