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Are You Excited for the Super Bowl?

Are you excited for the Super Bowl? In this week's Arista Advice, we discuss a few things we can all learn from quarterback Tom Brady for personal success and growth.

Full Transcript: 

Hello, welcome to Arista Advice! Question of the week is: "Paul, are you excited for the Super Bowl?"

I'm really excited for the Super Bowl because I love sports, but let me share with you some statistics and some numbers that will really tell you who I'm rooting for and who I hope wins. 

Did you know that at 43 years old Tom Brady will return to the Super Bowl this year for the 10th time, possibly to win his 7th ring? He is known to possibly be the best and the greatest quarterback of all time. Yes, there's some Roger Staubach fans out there and some other great legends, but what is he doing right that Tom Brady is being propelled to the Super Bowl so many times?

Let me share with you some statistics about his game plan and his strategy to be the best that he can be.

Experts say that quarterbacks have 2.8 seconds to throw the ball once it's hiked. Tom Brady only takes 2.6 seconds on average.
Number two: he averages 7.6 yards per attempt. He's just going for singles and doubles on all of his passes, but there is an occasional long pass or attempt for the big yards.
Number three: Tom Brady has played in 18% of all Super Bowls. 18% of all Super Bowls Tom Brady has played in. Staggering statistic!
Number four: this season was one of the best of his career. He had 4,633 passing yards, 40 touchdown passes, and only 12 interceptions.

What is Tom Brady's game plan and strategy? He's got quite a few. Some we know, and some we don't. The most important thing though is he is a heavily disciplined zealot for processes, strategy, and implementation.

Don't be dissuade and coaxed out of your financial  plan by GameStop stock, by other crazy stocks that are out there, silver, gold. Let those things come and go, but Tom Brady sticks to his plan, implements his plan, and achieves success.

Hope you're well. Have a great week. Remember, go to AristaWealth.com to look at tools,  tips, and other videos and resources to help you.