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Are You Worried About Little or Big Dollar Questions?

Are you worried about little or big dollar questions? We encourage everyone to focus on big dollar questions to save big chunks of money.

Full Transcript:

Often people are worried about little questions when they should be worried about big dollar questions. Let me give you an example I heard this week. 

A lady comes up and says, "You know, I really need to cut out spending on Starbucks," and then a few minutes later in the conversation, we begin talking about her mortgage. Find out she's paying about 5% on her mortgage  she got a few years ago. I said, "Why are we worried about Starbucks when we can get your rate down to 3% in the lowest rate ever environment? It could save you way more money than cutting out a Starbucks drink every week."

We encourage everybody to start looking at the big dollar questions. Address the big ones first, and see how we  can save big chunks of money.

Feel free to contact us at  AristaWealth.com for more tips and tricks. Have a great day!