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Arista Market Update - The Simple Answer is the Best Answer

In this week's Arista Market Update, Tyler Hunt of Arista Wealth Management discusses the importance of simplicity in these times of uncertainty.

Full Transcript:

In the bible there’s a story of a man named Naaman. Naaman was wealthy, powerful man in Syria. He had one problem though. He got diagnosed with leprosy.

In fact, he became so desperate he listened to one of his servants who recommended he should go talk to a holy man, a prophet named Elisha. He went to Elisha and asked for advice, and he got a simple answer. Go and wash in the river three times.

He was very upset because that seemed like a stupid answer to him to go wash in a dirty river three times and he would be cured. After some time he was humbled and thought “I should probably listen to the advice.” and he went and washed in the dirty Jordan river three times, and he was cured.

Often us as investors, we’re looking for something too good to be true. Something complex. Something that really is not good for us. Often we are our own worst enemies, and often the simple answer is the best answer.

We’re always happy to visit with you. Feel free to give us a call and talk with you in these uncertain times.