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Focus on the Big Things

Focus on the big things. Easier said than done! In this week's Arista Advice we want to remind you to shift your focus to the grand scheme of things which make a larger difference in your life with a few examples that can make a huge financial difference for you.

Full Transcript: 

Welcome to Arista Advice. Last week I had an individual talk to me and express their concern about their spending at the grocery store, so we had the discussion:  "Why are we sweating over the avocado at the grocery store?" 

We should be asking bigger questions, for example, salary negotiation. You know how big of an impact getting a $5,000 raise could be? Way bigger impact over the lifetime than the avocados at the grocery store. 

Also, her mortgage, could we be doing something with that? Being that now is a wonderful time to refinance to be saving way more money, buying lots of avocados. 

Or student loans, what is the status of those? Could we be doing, looking at a refinance or something with those to improve her situation? 

What about her investments and her 401(k) at work? Is the asset allocation correct? Fixing those few things could save her hundreds of  thousands of dollars when at the store she's sweating the avocado.

So we ask the question, are we taking care of the big things? Focus on the big things that you can control. 

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or visit us on our website.