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How Have Vaccine Stocks Done in the Last 12 Months?

How have vaccine stocks done in the last 12 months? We've been getting asked this question a lot! We break down the performance of these stocks in this week's Arista Advice and go into detail about what that means for you.

Full Transcript:

Hello, welcome to Arista Advice. I'm out here in Amarillo, Texas meeting with some physicians and others in the medical profession, and the question that I've been getting asked a lot is: "Paul, how have vaccine stocks done in the last 12 months?"

As we know catastrophe began March of 2020, and let's take a look. Standard and Poors recently just came out with a neat report. I think it's cool. You know me. I love numbers and stuff that's related to Wall Street and investments.

Three of the seven COVID-19 vaccine stocks have outperformed the S&P and four have not. Novavax is the highest performing vaccine stock returning a 1500% return. It's a small cap. No one even knew that the company existed many months ago, but as we look at this chart you can see that Moderna is up 400%. Johnson & Johnson, that's all over the news, is up 25%. Pfizer's up 12%, AstraZeneca, which is the European vaccine, is up 12%, and Sanofi is up 9%. So the summary of the story - be invested in the broad market. 

Don't try to time and invest in the hot stock that may be coming through. It's best to stay  invested in the broad markets and think long-term in a short-term world. 

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