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Remember the Importance of the Small and Simple Things in Life

Don't forget the importance of the small and simple things in life. It is what makes the biggest difference to our mindset.

Full transcript: 

I'm up here in the panhandle of Texas and have been meeting with some clients and professionals. I'm continually reminded of the importance of the small and simple things in life. I'm here in a grass field off of Highway 27, on my way from Amarillo down to Lubbock to meet with some other professionals and clients. 

In the last two days, I've been really reminded of the importance of relationships, friendships, and having our mindset properly framed. We have 50,000 thoughts a day in our amazing minds. Did you know that 95% of those 50,000 are recurring thoughts? 

It's like a washing machine that just keeps going everyday. Our wonderful mothers and those who've been single understand when you do your own laundry the importance of that circular flow of the washing machine.

Of those 50,000 thoughts that we have and of the 95% of those thoughts that continue to rotate, did you know that almost 80% of our thoughts, unfortunately, are negative? What positive thoughts have you put into your mind recently? What positive acts and deeds have you done for somebody else? Who have you text?

After one of my meetings a good friend text me and said "Hey, thanks for dinner last night." with him and  his wife. Simple things like that remind me, and should remind  all of us, let's text out. Let's over-socialize. Let's do temporal distancing and over-socializing during this COVID.

Hope you're well.