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What are Some Things to do During the Holidays?

Wondering what to do during the holidays? We have seven ideas for you that will bring on your holiday cheer and help you in the long-term.

Full Transcript: 

Hello, welcome to Arista Advice. Question of the week is: "Paul, what are some things to do during the holidays?" 

Let me share with you seven strategies to add some cheer to your holidays. 

Number one: focus on what you can do. It's so easy to get caught up in what you can't do this year. Your brain imaging and so many things in your body are stuck on negative thoughts. It fires up the emotional negative things in our mind right now in 2020 because all that we've been through. Focus on what you can do instead of what you can't do or wish you could do.
Number two: keep traditions alive. Although you might not be able to hop on a plane to go visit a family or jump on a train or go on a cruise, keep traditions alive through phone calls, text, and other areas.
Number three: start a new tradition. With everything up in the air this year, it's the ideal time to create new traditions. Try a virtual cooking competition with your siblings, your children also with friends or family, or even set up a scavenger hunt for presents and find ways potentially to volunteer.
Number four: eat right to think right. Your sister's green bean casserole with a condensed mushroom soup and fried onion strips or your mom's apple pie. This year take advantage of staying home and trying something new, but remember to eat healthy.
Number five: call some old friend or an associate and check in and say "Hi" and share stories of the past and have some laughter.
Number six: Skip the eggnog, and  what you also put in the eggnog. It is proven time and time again that alcohol helps in the short-term, but doesn't help in the immediate or long-term. It creates anxiety, stress, weight, and so many other things, and remember it's a depressant.
Number seven: try a ZoomGiving this year. Reach out, use technology to connect with family, friends, neighbors and associates. Hope these seven strategies and ideas are something that are helpful to you. 

Thanks to Dr. Amen Clinic in San Diego with some of these ideas and others. Hope you're well. Please remember go to AristaWealth.com and check out the tools, tips, and videos. Give us a call.