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What Has COVID Taught Us About Work?

Covid-19 has taught us a few things about work. Should you make a job change? Find out some tips to help guide your decision in this week's Arista Advice.

Full Transcript: 

Welcome to Arista Advice. Recent survey by Microsoft suggested 40% of employees are looking to make a job change this year. 

COVID has taught us a few things.
Number one: remote work is possible, and people like it.
Number two: people prefer and want more autonomy and a work-life balance. We've also learned  people love a good company culture, and what we're seeing is people have felt stuck in their careers. 

Robert Half did a survey that 38% of people feel like during the pandemic, they felt stuck at their current job, but they're looking to make a change after the end of this pandemic or even now. 

What we advise people is this - be happy. Look, do what do what you're doing and be  happy doing it. If not, move onto something else you'll be happy with. We look forward to helping you in your career.

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