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What is the Effect and Power of Positivity?

Do you know the benefits and power of positive thinking? Find out how it can help you achieve your goals and get you through difficult times such as what we're currently facing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Full Transcript:

Hello, welcome to this week's Arista Advice. The questions of the week is: Paul, what is the effect and power of positivity?

Many scientific studies have established that there is a wide range of benefits flowing from a positive attitude and positive thinking. Fortunately for those to whom it does not come naturally, positive thinking can be learned.  Let me share with you some health benefits of positivity. 

The Mayo Clinic says positive thinking has a multitude of health benefits. Some of them are an increased lifespan, a lower rate of depression, a lower level of distress, greater resistance to the common cold, more psychological and physical well-being, better cardiovascular health, and less risk of death of cardiovascular disease. 
Happiness, a byproduct of a positive attitude, has reportedly been shown to boost the immune system, with studies showing that happy people who are exposed to illness were less likely to become sick or had milder symptoms than others who are less happy. We live in a negative world. 

We live in a 24-hour news cycle, and there is a lot of negative news out there right now. 
Second benefit is the impact of positivity on success. Those who tend to be more optimistic are more likely to establish clear life goals, focus on different ways to reach their goals, and believe that their goals will become a reality. Hopefully people view negative events as temporary setbacks or isolated unfortunate events.

During this time of crisis a positive attitude is more important than ever. Together we can have confidence and peace leaving a positive legacy that will promote our loved ones' physical, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being and future success.