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What's an Alternative Investment We Should Consider?

What's an alternative investment you should consider? Find the unexpected answer in this week's Arista Advice.

Full transcript:

Hello, welcome to Arista Advice. Question of the week is: "Paul, what's an alternative investment we should consider?" Really wonderful question that facilitated a great conversation with a client. 

When it comes to alternative investments, one of the best that you can make is in yourself, but all too often investing in ourselves is a low priority item. While we cite time and money management among the top reasons  that we give for putting off things that would enrich our lives, we actually fail to recognize the real value in investing in ourselves. When we learn something new or try something different we enrich our lives  tremendously.

Here's a look at 12 different worthwhile investments that we can make that will produce an excellent short-term, intermediate, and long-term reward. 

Number one: Fitness. Get out, breathe the fresh, free, clean air. 
Number two: Education. Learn, learn, learn.
Number three: Experiences. Have one-on-one  time.
Number four: Relationships. Cultivate old and new friendships.
Number five: Attend virtual seminars and workshops.
Number six: Develop good habits and break bad ones. We all have bad habits.
Number seven: Read more books.
Number eight: Take care of your health. Know what you're eating and stop eating what you shouldn't be eating.
Number nine: Spend time in nature.
Number ten: Creative pursuits, such as writing, sculpting, painting, drawing.
Number eleven: go volunteer at a worthwhile charity.
Number twelve: choose to be happy over being sad. 

So go back find one, two, or three of these alternative investments write them down, focus on them, and we know that you'll become a better person as we all work to become better people. 

Hope you're well. Have a great day, and we look forward to talking to you soon.