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Memories and Keepsakes

Many of us work hard and save funds to acquire valuables or other keepsakes. These items can be art, furniture, jewelry, writing instruments, purses, clothing and so many other items that are valuable in the eyes of the beholder. These items may have been gifted to you by a family member and they typically deliver a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

What are some valuables you have that are of great worth?

There is nothing more intrusive in this life than a thief entering your home and taking these belongings from you. These items that mean so much to you and your family may have taken years to acquire or were passed down from generation to generation.

Just last week I received a phone call from a frustrated client whose house had just been robbed. Unfortunately, many important and precious items were taken from their house. She even lost her grandmother’s wedding ring.

Imagine the emotions this triggered; anger, mistrust, regret, frustration, sadness, rage, animosity, heartache, annoyance and the list of feelings continue.

Valuables coverage and insurance

Following this roller coaster ride of events, you receive more bad news from the insurance carrier. They inform you that because you don’t have receipts, pictures, or videos they can’t fully reimburse you for these lost valuables and keepsakes.

How to protect your keepsakes and valuables from unexpected events

Please take a moment to open your smart phone camera right now and take pictures of the important and valuable items in your life. You can’t put a price on memories and keepsakes, but by having pictures and videos the insurance carrier can provide some monetary value. Life is uncertain, you need to be prepared if a tragic event like this happens to you!

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