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School Begins

After many years in the industry, I am witnessing something I have never seen before among clients and investors. Investment anxiety and fear are at all time highs. Life is short. Please relax.

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Which wall is your ladder leaning against?

A dying man came to a doctor and asked the doctor if he could perform surgery on him. The doctor said he would but then went on to tell the man that there was a very high chance that the man would not live through the operation.

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Hold onto Stocks

Have you ever thought about abandoning your stocks? Or you have been challenged by owning stocks? The truth is that you will be tested by stocks, and at times you will feel that they have permanently lost their value. You will feel that they are worthless and have let you down. You might ask yourself: “Why am I holding these things? They’re not doing anything for me.” But despite it all, you have to hold onto stocks and never give up on them.

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