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What are you grateful for?

As we enter the Thanksgiving week I invite you to pause and reflect on the question above and begin an exercise. This exercise is called the grateful exercise. It only takes 10 - 15 minutes but if it takes longer it’s ok.
Step 1 -           Find a quite place (Go and Hide)
Step 2 -           Grab a pen and paper
Step 3 -           Turn off your cell phone
Step 4 -           Clear your mind by focusing on your breathing and nothing else
Step 5 -           Write down 10 -15 things your grateful for
Step 6 -           Check back into Life
Over the years this exercise has brought me great satisfaction and solace. I hope it will also bring you the same benefits it has yielded for me.
We live in a hectic, chaotic, time sensitive world. Our minds are always racing and talking to us to do this, do that, why did you do that, why did you buy that, you need to go here, you need to do this by today and so on.
Do you agree? Or is it just me.
Once we take some time to slow down, pause, reflect and begin writing we empower ourselves to see things we were missing or ignoring not with intent but because we were on the gerbil wheel of life.
We need to get off the gerbil wheel of life and take time to appreciate the many things we have and nurture an attitude of gratitude.
When we are appreciative we live happier lives with purpose.
I’m grateful to work with some of the finest people in their industries, trade and professions and retired professionals who were equally outstanding. I’m grateful for the Thanksgiving Week and all of those reading this post.
Happy Thanksgiving.