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What Brings You Peace and Joy?

Life is short and unexpected. A question I have for your thought and consideration is this - What brings you peace and joy?

I have the great opportunity to meet and visit with some talented and gifted people on a daily basis. As I get to know them, a common trait becomes visible. They talk about a host of things they love to do to get away from the complex world we live in.

So, I wondered.

What do you do to remove yourself from this complex world?

Do you go to movies, do charitable work, visit family members, visit those who are sick, attend a play, exercise, read a book or take a nap?

What activities are on your peace and joy list? How often do you do these activities?

When the financial capital markets are volatile, I encourage you to find and do at least one or two things on your list that allow you to decompress or de-stress – which will bring you peace and joy.

Checking your investment accounts 2-3 times a day only creates deep anxiety and stress. Remember investing is a long-term journey measured in miles not inches on a ruler.

It’s important to go out there and live your one life you have been given and make it count.