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Which wall is your ladder leaning against?

A dying man came to a doctor and asked the doctor if he could perform surgery on him. The doctor said he would but then went on to tell the man that there was a very high chance that the man would not live through the operation.

The man looked perplexed and concerned and said, “There has to be someone that can help me. I have all the money in the world.” But money wasn’t the solution to his problem.

The error that this man made was that he had leaned his ladder against the wrong wall in life. He had misdirected his energy and interests where he could have spent on many other things than just always wanting to make more money.

He unfortunately had prioritized wealth over health, and in the end found that he had placed his time and energy in the wrong place.

Now let me ask you something personal: “Which wall is your life and portfolio leaning against?”

Have you thought about what will serve you and your investments best in the long run?

Are you leaning your investment portfolio ladder on an expensive wall where fees are hidden and you don’t know what the annual fees are? Or is it a transparent wall where your fees are clear, simple, and out in front for you to understand?

When we get to the tail end of our lives we can’t go back to collect the money we spent on fees simply because we were not aware of them. What we have later on in life depends on our awareness today.

Which wall is your ladder leaning against?